Friday, March 31, 2006

update of sorts

Walked from the Virginia Square metro to Rosslyn today to check out new developments -- and of course forgot my camera. I can, however, make a few observations.

First, the Joule condo development will definitely be completed this year -- my guess is no later than the third quarter. In contrast I think that the spring 2007 delivery date that is being advertised for the Garfield Park condos is wildly optimistic. Not only have the Sala Thai and CVS not been demolished yet to make way for the new development, both are still in operation.

Lastly, I also have my doubts about the schedule for the Zoso condo development in Clarendon. While it's supposed to be complete by next summer it still remains a hole in the ground -- although there is considerable activity going on. 2007 is probably still realistic, but fall/winter is more likely.

While I haven't been posting any pics in a while that should change soon -- probably starting around Wednesday of next week.

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