Friday, March 31, 2006

update of sorts

Walked from the Virginia Square metro to Rosslyn today to check out new developments -- and of course forgot my camera. I can, however, make a few observations.

First, the Joule condo development will definitely be completed this year -- my guess is no later than the third quarter. In contrast I think that the spring 2007 delivery date that is being advertised for the Garfield Park condos is wildly optimistic. Not only have the Sala Thai and CVS not been demolished yet to make way for the new development, both are still in operation.

Lastly, I also have my doubts about the schedule for the Zoso condo development in Clarendon. While it's supposed to be complete by next summer it still remains a hole in the ground -- although there is considerable activity going on. 2007 is probably still realistic, but fall/winter is more likely.

While I haven't been posting any pics in a while that should change soon -- probably starting around Wednesday of next week.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Will try to post some more pics in the next few days.

Monday, March 13, 2006

22 West

Basically just a big pit at this point. Site here.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Monroe

Supposed to be an early 2006 delivery but I don't see that happening until at least this summer. Official site here.


Still not much to see even though there are two cranes working on this project. I bet it won't be too long, however, before we see the structure start going up. Homepage here.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Columbia

Renovation of the Columbia Hospital for Women in Foggy Bottom. Supposed to be completed by next year. Official site here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Metropole

This used to be a Duron paint store. Last spring it was an empty lot. Now it's a hole in the ground. Next year it's supposed to be the Metropole.

Cooper Lewis Condos

Cooper Lewis Condos across from Whole Foods on P St. Still have a little ways to go even though it was supposed to be finished Q4 2005.

The Alta

The Alta near Thomas Circle. Supposed to be finished this summer -- looks like they're at least on schedule.

Thomas Circle

Construction at Thomas Circle. Renderings of the finished work can be found here.

Fennessy Lofts

Some little bodega on 13 St. which is about to become..
Fennessy Lofts.

The Rialto

This is The Rialto over at 13th and M which has had its grand opening postponed until further notice although it appears basically done.

Lofts 14 Two

The first pic is Church St. which has seen crazy condo development in the past couple of years. I believe the above is Lofts 14 Two, which was supposed to be finished Q4 2005. At least it looks like they're down to the finishing touches.

The Matrix

The Matrix over on 14 St. This place has been under construction for a while but it never seems to change.


This is the Q14 located at...Q and 14th NW (where the parking lot is). Official site here. Sign out front claims the building will be finished next month while the website says June. I have my doubts about them reaching either one.

Turkish embassy

Renovation of the Turkish embassy in Dupont Circle. This has been going on since at least last spring. Coincidentally, or not, this seemed to start up around the same time the nearby Greek embassy had some major work performed.

Sheridan Garage

Redevelopment of the Sheridan Garage on Q St. in Georgetown. You can see the plan for this development (condos) plus a pic of what it originally looked like here -- basically the same except a parking lot where the hole in the ground is.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clarendon development

More on the way. This part is a bit weird:
Alliance members have pushed for a bakery, gardening store and dessert cafe in the building. A diner also could make for a nice fit.

"It might be good to play off the Clarendon Ballroom," says the alliance's Roni Freeman. "That's a place that throws 200 people onto the street at 2 a.m."
Unless things have changed they've already got this practically right across the street from the Clarendon Ballroom.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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Lunch break

Took the following pics on my lunch break today. Hoping to make it out to Logan Circle this weekend to take pics of some of the development going on there.

Unknown development II

Same development but taken from the Wooster. Note the big pit across the street -- not sure what is going up there.
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Unknown development

This development, which I suspect is commercial, is going up on Clarendon Blvd. Behind it and across the street is the Wooster and in the background you can see 1800 Wilson.

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1800 Wilson

From Wilson Blvd.
Side view.
From Clarendon Blvd. Official site here.

The Odyssey

From the back.
From the front. Official website here.

Wooster and Mercer lofts

The Wooster.

The Mercer.
Wooster from another angle. Development website here.